Monday, 31 October 2011

Other stuff I've made....

Sometimes people have asked me to make something that I've never made before.  The flag bunting started like that. I had a request from a friend to make it and I did!! Didn't realise I could make bunting! Anyway, this bag was a request from a friend. She wanted a patchwork bag with a pocket. I whipped it up, and she loved it. Bag cost was $30 which I made from some scrap fabrics I already had. Very cute.
The artworks are actually in my house.  The floral rectangular one is above my bed and I love it! Very heavy, and great colors. This would be around $60 depending on the size you needed. The star burst canvas is around 1m x 1m and would cost the same, $60. I actually did this same one for a client who saw it on my facebook site and loved it. The white canvasses with writing is a recent addition to the lounge. I would do these for around $80. They are great, very different, and being black and white, they go with everything!
I have done commissioned canvasses in the past but found that my baby blankets were taking over so I haven"t done them for a while. But if there is something here that you like or you have an idea for a lounge, bedroom or spare room, let me know, I can definitely design one for you!

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