Monday, 9 April 2012

new bunting

This is my newest bunting I made for my nephew Sam who turned 1 last week.  We had a great shin-dig at my brother-in-laws and the kids went crazy!  Sorry for the bad photography, my camera has been playing up and my phone is full! This was made from cotton jungle print and gingham and sewn together with a gorgeous satin green ribbon.  Very cute.

 I also thought I would share a fab find from "The Man" in Seaford.  I bought it a few weeks ago and love it soooo much! I had a bundle of things in my hands and asked how much the vase was.  He said $25 but let me just add everything up for you.  I waited and he came up with $30 for the lot! I had at least 6 other things.  Love a bargain! I have a gorgeous carafe and 6 glasses that match  so I was very excited.

If anyone needs blankets....coz winter is coming you know..let me know.  There are some gorgeous fabrics out there at the moment and I would love to create something special.  Contact me on FB or my blog.  Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

new pretty paper bunting

Hey everyone, I was flicking through mags the other day and got a little inspired.  I had made my paper buntings before and I have them in my house but I hadn't seen so many in mags before! Thought I would make one to show you all.  I also made the framed work.  Moon River is one of my favourite songs on the planet and I saw it, again in a mag, so of course.....I had to make it!!

This beautiful sideboard is made extra special with the addition of gorgeous colourful bunting!

 Pretty papers!

Love Love Love....just makes me smile :-)
Photos of my niece and nephews new bunting....can't show you Sam's, haven't given it to him yet!