Thursday, 27 October 2011

Notice boards

My notice boards I started creating first.  I used to make them for family and then they all started nagging me to sell them!  I can create for kids rooms, offices or kitchens.  Anywhere a noticeboard may be used.  They can be themed, as I did with the scissors noticeboard which was created for a hair salon. This particular one I backed with cork also so it could be used as a pin board. Very handy.   They come in all sizes, as I use art canvasses for my backing.  They come with a bag of pegs and for the  noticeboards with cork, I also provide some pins. They range anywhere from $20 up depending again on the size and fabric.  
As you can see I also do Christmas themed card holders.  These are very popular around the holiday season and make a great gift idea.  Again, they come with pegs and I can custom make depending on your color preference. I can do kitchy Santas if you would prefer!!


  1. I'm so excited to have another family member blogging. Welcome to your new addiction!

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    1. Hey Rory, thanks for your comment. Do you mean pin boards? I have used cork with my noticeboards before. I put it behind the fabric so you can peg and pin. The "scissors" design noticeboard was cork lined. The customer is a hairdresser and wanted to be able to pin business cards on.


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