Monday, 31 October 2011

Other stuff I've made....

Sometimes people have asked me to make something that I've never made before.  The flag bunting started like that. I had a request from a friend to make it and I did!! Didn't realise I could make bunting! Anyway, this bag was a request from a friend. She wanted a patchwork bag with a pocket. I whipped it up, and she loved it. Bag cost was $30 which I made from some scrap fabrics I already had. Very cute.
The artworks are actually in my house.  The floral rectangular one is above my bed and I love it! Very heavy, and great colors. This would be around $60 depending on the size you needed. The star burst canvas is around 1m x 1m and would cost the same, $60. I actually did this same one for a client who saw it on my facebook site and loved it. The white canvasses with writing is a recent addition to the lounge. I would do these for around $80. They are great, very different, and being black and white, they go with everything!
I have done commissioned canvasses in the past but found that my baby blankets were taking over so I haven"t done them for a while. But if there is something here that you like or you have an idea for a lounge, bedroom or spare room, let me know, I can definitely design one for you!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Notice boards

My notice boards I started creating first.  I used to make them for family and then they all started nagging me to sell them!  I can create for kids rooms, offices or kitchens.  Anywhere a noticeboard may be used.  They can be themed, as I did with the scissors noticeboard which was created for a hair salon. This particular one I backed with cork also so it could be used as a pin board. Very handy.   They come in all sizes, as I use art canvasses for my backing.  They come with a bag of pegs and for the  noticeboards with cork, I also provide some pins. They range anywhere from $20 up depending again on the size and fabric.  
As you can see I also do Christmas themed card holders.  These are very popular around the holiday season and make a great gift idea.  Again, they come with pegs and I can custom make depending on your color preference. I can do kitchy Santas if you would prefer!!

Baby Blankets

The baby blankets I create are one of a kind.  I make them to order depending on the sex of the baby, size of the blanket, color choice etc.  I can make them seasonal, or themed also. Most people give me free reign but a couple have been specific in the themes including a "jungle" theme I was asked to do.  Very cute. They range from $40 up depending on the size of your blanket and the type of fabric.  I usually figure out your needs including boy/girl, type of fabric (eg. summer or winter), size and style. I source my fabrics locally but I can also order online if you see something special or want something a bit different.
Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think! Happy perusing....


This bunting I did for a friend who has a cake stall at the local market. Awesome scrummy cakes by The Cake Table. Check her out at the Mornington Wednesday Markets.  She specialises in cupcakes but also does occasion cakes. yummm. Anyway,   she wanted something to hang in her marquee to brighten it up! I chose pink and green to match her business card. Think it looks great, and she was thrilled at the result.  She told me the day she hung it up she got more questions about the bunting than her cakes!! funny!
The bunting is quoted on length and fabric.  This bunting was 2 x 3m lengths with 14 flags per length.  Cost : $65 Result : Super spectacular!!