Thursday, 19 January 2012

baby blankets

Hey everyone! It's been a while, sorry about that!  I've made a gorgeous blanket for a customer which I had to share with you because I loved it. ( in fact, I wanted it myself)  I made it for a newborn boy and was told to make it I did I think.  It measures 105cm x 150cm and is made with a mix of cotton/cord and linen so it is multi-seasonal really.  I love the elephants and based my design on that really.  Polka dots are always a hit and they go with any gender.  Cost of this blankie was $55 (postage not included and would depend on cost of fabric at the time of purchase). If anyone has any new bubbas on the way or has a friend they know about, give me a call or contact me on my blog or on FB.  Take it easy and talk soon !!

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