Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hello everyone! Hope this find everyone well and enjoying the sunshine.  I've been busy creating a couple of new things.  One gorgeous bunting for a new bubba and a new blanket for another newbie. I will be starting to create my Christmas card holders which are fabulous to use during the festive season to keep all those cards together.  I'll post a photo to remind you all of how they look.  Enjoy...


This gorgeous bunting I made for a new little girl.  The mum wanted greens, pinks and browns but not babyish.  This is something she can have for a long time and something she can grown up with.  Mum loved it!
Cost: $52 which included the lettering (Millie)
Double-sided bunting, 11 flags long. Very cute!

 This pretty bunting was for a new little girl.  The brief was, again, not babyish, pinks and pretty.  I chose the gorgeous partridge fabric with the aqua accent because I just loved it.  Very girly but, again, something  bubba can grow up with.
Cost: $32
One-sided bunting (calico on the other) 7 flags long. Too cute. 

I made this newborn boys blanket for a great friend and her second bubba.  It's a cot size, 150cm x 110cm made from a linen-cotton panel of giraffes with a border of cotton pastel green and white polka dots. The backing is a pale blue flannelet which is great for all seasons. Cost: free (but if you were to order this particular blanket, it would be around the $60 mark!

This is the Christmas card holders I make.  They are very popular and fantastic when they are hung on the wall filled with Christmas cards.  I can do them in any size and shape with any style of fabric.  Price will be quoted when ordered.  Get in quick!


  1. I apologise for my post, my computer was doing strange things and wouldn't behave! You get the gist!

  2. You have been busy indeed! I would very much like to order a christmas card holder. Every Christmas I want a better solution for my Christmas cards (esecially now that the kids are getting them at school too) and this may just be the ticket! xx

  3. Would be my pleasure Donna. We will sort out the details during the week.

  4. Ditto Donna's comment. I never know what to do with our Christmas cards! Sometimes I don't even display them because of this. Would you make up in a fabric I supplied?

  5. No trouble at all Kylie. Sounds great. Are you local to Skye/Carrum Downs? Just let me know the dimensions you are looking at and I will sort out my end and we can organise to pick up the fabric. They are great, they look really good at Christmas, then you can pack them away for next year. My brother-in-law has one up all year (in neutral fabric) for birthday cards, etc.


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