Sunday, 15 July 2012

New stuff

Hello fellow bloggers!
I've been busy getting ready for my market stall but I have had some time to do some decorating at home and thought I would share some pics. I am an eclectic buyer, a bit of everything thrown in together suits me.  I love to change things round a lot and I get a bit bored quite easily, much to my hubbys frustration.  Luckily for me he lets me have a go and put 1000 holes in our walls. Hee hee.

The "H" I got from Provincial so it's a reproduction but I have been trying to find an original that I liked and found it hard, especially in the color I want.  It turns out they had them at The Vintage Shed but I already had this one up on the wall.  It weighs a tonne! Hopefully it's secured into my wall ok? Not sure why I decided on H.  Hmmm, Home, Hawks, Hooray, Hilarious, Have a glass of wine won't you?

This trunk I picked up from The Vintage Shed on the weekend.  Love the detail inside, and although the lock is broken, I am using it in the lounge to store our throw rugs.  Hopefully my two year old won't discover it's a great hidey hole!

This metal "A" I bought at The Vintage Shed.  It's from a new stall called Vintage Girl.  She imports all her wares from the States.  I could have bought it all but I decided on these three.  I have some original soda bottles so these will go with them nicely and I have put the A up on my wall in the dining room. 

Anyway, just thought I would share.  Hope you are all well and keeping warm (if you're not in a warm place that is!)


  1. Wow! You have done some great shopping and decorating!! Love the H and the styling around it. The force is strong with you. There is much for me to learn.xx

  2. The force has always been with you Donna! I'd swap houses any day with you. Love your taste! Eyebrows this week by the way pweese??

  3. I Love your H whatever it stands for. Happy perhaps?
    And I love the vintage Tarax bottles too x

  4. Thanks Kylie, The key next to it has recently fallen off the wall unfortunately! I'm going back to the Vintage Shed today to look for a decorative hook to secure it. Hubby not happy.....put a nasty dent in our skirting board below! hee hee


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