Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hey everyone, I wanted to share my newest finds from "the man"...thanks Donna. I've been in the market for a new (old) scale because mine sucks and I hide it in the cupboard  because it's ugly and it barely works.  I found this one and have put it proudly on my kitchen bench.  I also found this melamine set which is charcoal grey with white inner.  I love the  little handles.  At first I wondered why it came with three saucers and three cups.  The other two cups look like sipping tea cups.  Anyone know? Not sure if they are maybe sugar cups? But then, why are there two? Maybe there are two other saucers missing? Anyway, if anyone knows, can you let me know.  I don't really mind, just love the shape.  OK, gotta go, hope you are enjoying this lovely sunshine we are experiencing in sunny Melbourne today!

Scale $5 - and it works!

3 x cups & saucers + 2 x cups $2 - bargain!


  1. I've got those scales Stacey, did you know they're made in Ireland? (if memory serves me right-hope I haven't made a bbo-boo here...)
    I love your cups and saucers too.
    If you've got time could you pop by my blog please, I need a bit of inside info from a Melbourne-er x

  2. What's a bboo-boo? I meant boo-boo of course!

  3. Thanks for the t.t. tips Stacey. Much appreciated.
    I bought my wedding dress from Chapel St Bazaar btw x

  4. Great finds and equally great prices!! Perhaps the extra 2 cups are for milk and sugar (no handles on these ones)? That would be my bet anyway if no handles on them. I have not been to the man for so very long. This week it is a must!xx

  5. Good point Donna, didn't think of a milk jug!

  6. Great scales! I can't resist buying retro/vintage scales.


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