Wednesday, 4 April 2012

new pretty paper bunting

Hey everyone, I was flicking through mags the other day and got a little inspired.  I had made my paper buntings before and I have them in my house but I hadn't seen so many in mags before! Thought I would make one to show you all.  I also made the framed work.  Moon River is one of my favourite songs on the planet and I saw it, again in a mag, so of course.....I had to make it!!

This beautiful sideboard is made extra special with the addition of gorgeous colourful bunting!

 Pretty papers!

Love Love Love....just makes me smile :-)
Photos of my niece and nephews new bunting....can't show you Sam's, haven't given it to him yet!

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  1. Paper bunting's look great! Love the Moon River lyric too.


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