Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hello Blogland, hope you are all well and enjoyed the school holidays. I, in particular had a great time with my sister visiting from Canada.  We went out with the kids and chatted, drank, laughed and did all the things sisters do (every 3 years!) Otherwise I've been getting ready for market season.  Turning my hand to some new ideas and loving being creative.  I've taken a couple of trips down to Tyabb and had a great time showing my sister my fave spot for a bargain or two.  My next market is this Sunday 20th at Seaford. It's the Seaford Homemade, Handmade craft market, Station Street, Seaford from 10am - 3pm. Come on down if you're in the area and have a gander! Here's some new pics to tide you over...

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Baby bibs made from towelling and fabric.  The blue one is original vintage fabric which is great because it's nice and soft! They are both fastened with press studs and have a zig-zag stitching around the perimeter to re-enforce the fabric. 
$12 ea or 2 for $20

A little bit of retro for bubba? These are also made from vintage fabric and backed with towelling. Edged with a zig-zag stitch for re-enforcement with a press stud for easy use.
$12 ea or 2 for $20
Christmas is nearly here....again! These fabric flag buntings are a great idea to hang around the house instead of tinsel and can be used over and over. I also think they are a great idea to give for the end of year gift to your children's teacher.  Wrap them up with some handmade fudge and you've got yourself a unique gift. 
12 flags long is $20
I can make to order if you would like them longer or shorter or different fabric. 

More gorgeous Christmas bunting. I've also given these as gifts to family and friends.  Neutral colors to suit most Christmas color schemes.  I can make to order too!
12 flags $20

Thanks for browsing through, don't forget to get your orders in early so I can make your special gifts before Christmas!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Howdy everyone! Hope this finds you all well.  I've been busy getting ready for my next market at my daughter's school.  This friday, 9th August from 6-9pm at Rowellyn Park Primary, cnr Rowellyn Drive & Tattler Street, Carrum Downs.  I've been playing with a few new bunting ideas using Golden Books which have proved to be popular and extremely cute! Here's some pics to have a squiz at.  Hope to see lots of people there! x

Scuffy the Tugboat paper bunting.  12 flags long. $10

Soooo cute!

Spotty 12 flag paper bunting.  Neutral colors, could be girls or boys. $10

Adult bunting. Charcoal grey with green contrast flags. 12 flags, $10

Alphabet paper flag bunting. 12 flags $10

19 flag Cinderella paper bunting. $15

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hello there, I have lots of photos to share with you all and news of my newest adventures doing the odd market. I started off at the Seaford Handmade Homemade market which is on every 3rd Sunday of the month at the Scout Hall in Seaford.  The Farmers market is on at the same time so it's easy to remember! I've also done a local charity market raising awareness for sex trafficking at the Seaford Junior footy club.  Was a great night.  My next market is at Rowellyn Park Primary School on Friday 9th August from 6 - 9pm. Rowellyn Park is located in Rowellyn drive, Carrum Downs. There will be lots of stalls, food, raffles and fun.  I'm doing the next Seaford market too, on August 18th from 10 - 3.  Hope to see you all soon!

These gorgeous paper flag buntings are between 10-12 flags long and I sell them for $10. Very sweet

This was me set up for the Seaford Handmade Homemade market in June. My first ever market!

I've been making a few blankets lately and this one was for a special friend.  Arctic polar fleece blacking with white minky border and bright elephant feature.  Very snugly and was definitely a hit!

I have been making mini cake topper buntings. I made this one for my very talented friend from Sprinkles & Crumbs who made a gorgeous pink ruffle cake to match! I do sell similar toppers at the market but I can make to order too. I sell these from between $8 - $20 depending on the amount of lettering and how intricate it is.

These are 3 dimensional paper buntings made from Golden Books and picture book.  Anything I can get hold of really.  Very sweet.  I have a Sesame Street one in my son's room. They sell for $8

Finally, my fabric flag bunting.! Lots of choice and lots of colors.  I've tried to make a variety of styles. I can also make to order and I do quite often because sometimes you do need a certain color.  These are 8 flags long and sell for $20

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hello there fellow bloggers, sorry for my laziness lately, very naughty! I've been kicking around a few ideas for a market I'm going to be doing in June.  The thing I have learnt about markets is that you  need a cheaper item to get the punters in.  $60 blankets do sell but you need something for the kids and something that people can take home with them and not spend a fortune! The following are a few pics of some ideas I've got going. Thanks to my friend Jodie from Sprinkles & Crumbs who inspired me to make the cake toppers.  Think they'll be a winner.  The pic I have included is just a mock up, not a final product but you get the idea!

Some pretty paper bunting made with scrapbooking double sided paper.

This bunting was made for a friend for her market stall.  Very cute double sided floral and birds. 

Got this idea from a mag I was reading.. I made it for a friend, Donna, from Hung Up On Retro. Its a cute "Retro" style bunting made from paper squares. Cute and easy to make!

This is a cake topper bunting.  Made from paper, this is inserted into the top of your cake with the wooden skewers and adds some fun to any cake.  I'm going to be making fabric ones and double strand ones too.  Just playing at this stage 

Thanks for taking the time to look through.....feedback is very welcome!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

New baby blanket!

Hello there, hope you are all well.  I had the privilege of making a friend a blanket recently for her new bub Joshua.  I took inspiration from the colour of his nursery which happens to be the most gorgeous green! Took some pics, so enjoy.....

 Green jersey backing with multi-coloured stripe with a baby blue gingham feature,

The blanket is approximately 1.5m x 1.2m and is machine washable.

Great for gift ideas.  I have made these for babies, toddlers and grown kids up to 12.  They make a great feature in a bedroom.  I can do winter or summer fabrics too.

The colours are great, very bright and cheery.  The cost of this blanket if I was to sell it would be $65
please note: Cost varies due to fabric costs

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Howdy, hello, and all that.  Hope this finds everyone well and enjoying our hot summer days.  Just a quick shout out to all those who use Instagram....as I am well addicted!  I'm posting photos of, not only my wares, but other stuff I love and I hope you will join me in sharing some of your loves.  I am posting today to let you all know I am selling some of my wares I have had from my last market I did and wanted to post some pics and show you all.  Purchases and/or orders are welcome.  If you see something you like but it's not exactly to your colour pallet or taste, I can make to order. So enjoy, peruse at your leisure and enjoy your arvo!

Pretty 3 dimensional paper bunting featuring Cinderella pictures.  Approx 1.5m long.
These buntings are fabulous in little girls rooms, they add some colour and whimsy. 

Cost: $10 ea
Postage: at cost
 Charming "Little Mermaid" bunting, again in the 3 dimensional circular bunting. Approx 1.5m long. Featuring pictures from the Little Mermaid film. Would be great for a little girls room!

Cost: $10 ea
Postage: at cost
 One for the boys or girls. This Bugs Bunny & Porky Pig bunting is soooo cute! Approx 1.5m long. This features pictures from a Bugs Bunny & Porky Pig Golden Book. 

Cost: $10
Postage: at cost
Bugs Bunny & Porky Pig again....could be for either boy or girl. Approx 1.5m long, 3 dimensional bunting.

Cost: $10
Postage: at cost
Another "Little Mermaid" 3 dimensional bunting approx 1.5m long featuring great pictures of Ariel and characters from the much loved book/film.

Cost: $10
Postage: at cost
 This would have to be a favorite! This is a retro-style 3 dimensional circular bunting featuring beautiful pictures from a lovely old Golden Book. The colours are terrific and I especially love the title....."Once there was a house". Would suit either a girl or boys room.
Approx 1.5m long

Cost: $10
Postage: at cost
 Same bunting as above. Love it!
These two canvasses are 115cm wide x 38cm deep. The fabric is white with charcoal grey writing. They come as a pair and are ready to hang.  I have used artists canvasses to attach my fabric so they are not overly heavy.  Great statement piece in a living room, dining room or above a bed.
Cost: $60
Postage: at cost
 This noticeboard is a great way to display photos, bills, (not sure why you would!), kids artwork etc.  This particular one is 52cm x 51cm and comes with a bag of small pegs and is ready to hang. Gorgeous orange fabric with bird design. Again, this is not heavy, as I have used artist canvas.
Cost: $28
Postage: at cost

Another noticeboard made with this gorgeous fabric.  This one is 62cm x 46cm and again, would be a great feature in a kitchen area, office, or study area.  Comes with a bag of pegs and is ready to hang. 
Cost: $28
Postage: at cost

I have many other paper buntings including Beauty and the Beast, and several "vintage style" buntings.  I have 2 x Cinderella, 2 x Aladdin, 2 x Beauty and the Beast, 2 x Little Mermaid, 2 x Bugs Bunny and 5 x vintage style.
If you have any questions, my number is on my blog so you can contact me directly, and remember, if you see something and like the idea of it but it's not to your taste, no problems, I can make to order! Thanks for taking the time to look through.....

Friday, 18 January 2013

Well hello.  Firstly I would like to apologise for my slackness! Christmas took over my mind and now I can think clearly and post regularly. So I hope this finds everyone well and ready to face another year of blogging and sharing.  I have made a few things over the past couple of months which I am proud to share will you all.  Please enjoy the photos and if anyone has a query or just a comment, I would love to hear from you!! Enjoy and I promise to post soon...... ;-)

Gorgeous 9 flag, double sided floral/gingham bunting with a lace tie.  This customer asked for the mauve colours with floral finish and left the rest to me.  She was delighted with the outcome. Very sweet.

We also added her daughter's name "Teaghan" to the bunting.  cost: $42

I made this pretty Christmas bunting as a part of the end of year gift for my daughter's teacher.  7 flag, double sided Christmas fabric with a pretty gold tie. She was chuffed with it.  Wrapped up with a Chrissy mug and some home made shortbread, I think I scored some brownie points!

This Christmas card holder was made for my good friend and fellow blogger Donna from Hung Up on Retro. Made with a gorgeous Christmassy fabric, it measures approx 1.5 x 40cm. Finished off with a satin white ribbon and silver stars to keep your cards in place during the silly season! Cost $35